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If you have a personal or family history of breast, ovarian, and/or pancreatic cancer, we recommend that you meet with a local genetic counselor to discuss how genetic testing for BRCA mutations may be helpful for you and your family.

What happens at a genetic counseling consultation?

Your genetic counselor will take a complete medical and family history and will assess your need for genetic testing. The genetic counselor may recommend certain tests and will discuss options for the future, as well as implications of getting tested. If you decide to get tested, your sample will be sent to the laboratory and your results will be ready a few weeks later. You will be informed of your results and receive of copy of them for your records. 

Will my insurance cover this testing?

Based on your cancer history, your health insurance may cover the costs of your genetic testing and your genetic counseling. Your genetic counselor will discuss how the lab bills your insurance at the time of your session.

Where can I go?

If you live in the New York Metropolitan area and would like to make an appointment for genetic counseling at Montefiore Medical Center, you can do so by calling 718-405-8150. If you live outside the New York Metropolitan area, or you would like to make an appointment with a genetic counselor closer to your home, visit the National Society for Genetic Counselors "Find a Genetic Counselor" tool. You can always Contact us with questions.

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